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Texas Hold-Em Rules for BlackJack Tournament

Blackjack Tournament Rules

Tournament play is very different. Please look at the rule difference before you play the game:

Winner wins $500

  • Doors open at 2pm for check-in with Blackjack and Roulette starting at 3pm. All Table games will end at Midnight.
  • Time – Blackjack tournament table will be open from 2:00pm-12:00am
  • Play – Sit and play anytime at the beginning of a round
  • Entry Fee - $20 per entry
  • Advancement To Final Round- The final table will be played at 11 pm. The 7 highest total chip counts for the day play for $500, all players will start with even chips in final round.
  • Rotate Deal - With this common tournament rule, the dealer starts dealing the cards to a different player each hand.
  • Rotate First Bet - With this common rule, players must bet in order and the first player to bet rotates clockwise each hand. This removes the seat advantage which otherwise would have existed if one player could always see the bets of the other players before making a bet.
  • Re-entry Allowed - If you lose a round, or you do not have enough chips to make the leader board, you may re-enter at the beginning of a new round by paying the entry fee again.
  • Bankroll -every player starts each round with 1,500 chips.
  • Betting Limits – Minimum bet is $100 – Max  bet s $3,000
  • Hand Limit Tournament – There will Be 15 Hands Dealt
  • Dealer count – Dealer will count chips after round to see if you made the board.
  • The Board – Players names will be placed on board with there total chip cont after 15 hands. Player may only be on the board 1 time
  • Player Seating in final Round- Player with the highest chip total on the board will pick seat first. Round will start with seat 1 ( First Base)
  • Payouts - 1st $500       2nd $100       3rd $20     Prizes based on 60 entrees through the day.

·         Blackjack Pays 2-1

·         Double anytime for 1 card

·         Split aces up to 3 times

·         Split same suit cards as many times as you wish

·         No Insurance offered

·         Dealer stands on soft 17

·         Push Tie’s  Dealer does not take push.




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