Press Release 3

Danville Firefighters Local 429.


Press Release 3

Danville Firefighters and Edison Elementary Team Up for Food Drive

December 21, 2016


The Danville Firefighters and Edison Elementary School have teamed up once again this Christmas season to donate food baskets to those in need. The firefighters and school have been doing this every year for twenty-seven years.

School social worker, Kristen Wilson took over the project this year and is excited about working with the firefighters once again. “We’ve been collecting food for food baskets. The Edison students have been doing that, and the teachers have been raising money, and the firefighters donate money. So we get these food baskets together for all of our students at Edison. They’ve been doing it for the past 27 years, so it’s an ongoing tradition here, and we love it.”

President of Danville Firefighters Local 429, Jerry Sparks explains the process: “Edison, to my understand, develops a list of folks that are going to be in need, and then they take donations and gather all the goods to load up into boxes, and then they contact all of those folks to make sure they’re going to be home at a specific time. Then we come here on the morning of, and we put everything together, load them up in the trucks, and firefighters go out and deliver them.”

The firefighters are our making their deliveries today as part of their annual service project.

Story by Nicole Miller





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